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As a Young Living Brand Partner and Wellness Enthusiast, I am blessed to serve persons in my community with Young Living premium products as well as via our non-profit organization named Guardians Alive. It helps me empower, inspire, and support people to be their best authentic selves. 

My name's Adonza Harrison and I live on the main island, Grand Cayman, of the beautiful Cayman Islands. 

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 Please know that we do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. We do help people to be more empowered, inspired, and doing their best.

Every effort & investment we make for our 
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About Team Essential Living

Shortly after joining Young Living in 2014, Adonza Harrison, the Owner & Managing Director of Essential Living & Wellness, became a fully convinced oil enthusiast. 
As our team empowers, inspires, & supports our community, we continue working on our wellness journeys. We share because we care. 

Please ask about our online email classes and Zyto scans with consulting to fit your budget or wellness needs. 
Let us know how we can help you get started the right way for you. 

Your wellness is worth every effort & investment you take! 

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