Essential tips for weight reduction or management


Reducing harmful, excess weight or just managing your current weight can seem like an uphill climb or battle at times. What I know for sure is that it's worth every effort you make to achieve what's healthy for you.

Click HERE for YL's weight management blog post which I hope inspires you too. 

Please know I'm on this wellness journey as well. I too struggled for a while in many of these areas. Now my body's quite happy in my hydration (almost 1 gal every day) I love using the Slique Essence EO (in my water or with my Slique Tea), Grapefruit Vitality oil, Balance Complete, and the Multi-Greens supplement.  The changes I've made produced sustainable results for me and that's what matters the most for me. I no longer struggle with the sugar cravings and sometimes I can go days on just my meal replacements and teas and not even realize I'm hungry. I love that you don't feel bloated or hungry after having the Balance Complete or the Protein mix. 

If you'd like to get a wellness scan to know your body's unique preferences for wellness, click HERE to book a Wellness Consult. It's best to understand your body before launching into a full-scaled wellness plan! I'm here to help where I can.

Believe It: "Your Wellness Truly Matters!"

What tips and tricks do you have to help maintain a healthy weight?  

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