Whole-Life Wellness Today!

Whole-Life Wellness Today!
As a wellness advocate and Young Living Brand Partner, I am on my own wellness journey with our amazing products. I love learning and sharing about the importance of holistic whole-life wellness. The role that essential oils plays in supporting overall health is proven and profound. To me and many of my family and friends, Young Living essential oils have helped us in many areas of our lives. They're derived from plants grown on our own farms and partner farms around the world. I personally visited the farm in Utah and experienced the freshness of all the food, oils, products we enjoyed those convention days.

When it comes to nutrition, we offer a line of vitality oils that can be added to foods and beverages providing additional flavor and boosted health benefits. Our Lavendar, Stress Away, and Peace & Calming essential oils are popular choices for stress management. They can be diffused or applied topically for a calming effect. We also offer a variety of oils and blends that are great for physical performance and recovery, such as Ningxia Red (ingested for energy and fortifying our systems), PanAway, and AromaSeiz (applied topically post-workout to soothe sore muscles).

In addition to our essential oils, we also offer a wide range of personal care, targeted nutrition/cleansing, and home products that are free from harsh chemicals and toxins, supporting a natural, holistic approach to wellness. 

By incorporating Young Living essential oils and products into your daily routine, you can take a comprehensive approach to whole-life wellness, supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance to you and yours!
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Essential tips for weight reduction or management


Reducing harmful, excess weight or just managing your current weight can seem like an uphill climb or battle at times. What I know for sure is that it's worth every effort you make to achieve what's healthy for you.

Click HERE for YL's weight management blog post which I hope inspires you too. 

Please know I'm on this wellness journey as well. I too struggled for a while in many of these areas. Now my body's quite happy in my hydration (almost 1 gal every day) I love using the Slique Essence EO (in my water or with my Slique Tea), Grapefruit Vitality oil, Balance Complete, and the Multi-Greens supplement.  The changes I've made produced sustainable results for me and that's what matters the most for me. I no longer struggle with the sugar cravings and sometimes I can go days on just my meal replacements and teas and not even realize I'm hungry. I love that you don't feel bloated or hungry after having the Balance Complete or the Protein mix. 

If you'd like to get a wellness scan to know your body's unique preferences for wellness, click HERE to book a Wellness Consult. It's best to understand your body before launching into a full-scaled wellness plan! I'm here to help where I can.

Believe It: "Your Wellness Truly Matters!"

What tips and tricks do you have to help maintain a healthy weight?  

Let us know in the comments below!

Learning more about the Diffuser & Oils Starter Kit

Learning more about the Diffuser & Oils Starter Kit

Special Grand Cayman Ordering Info

Special Grand Cayman Ordering Info
If you live in the Cayman Islands, you will know that everything (even 1 piece of paper), has to be cleared through our local Customs Agency (CBC). If you're not already in the eServices Gov't online system, you'll need this for all Gov't online services going forward.
Click HERE to get registered. Please use the name on your Govt ID (Driver's License/Passport), when signing up for Customs clearing purposes and when enrolling in Young Living, so they perfectly match.  (*This process has more than 1 step if you're not registered. If you need support, please contact Officer Cane at 1 345 649-4579 during business hours.) 

When you're placing an order with Young Living, ensure Cayman Islands is in the Country field, if you're living in Cayman (to get the DHL Duties & Taxes paid flat-rate fee).  It is automatically set for you, if ordering from my website. If you're unsure of a sponsor, you can select one of the following partners on our team graphic (if you're friends with them).  Alternatively, I can assign you one as we support each other.  If you'd like more info, please advise. You may get to meet the sponsor at our annual thanksgiving get-together.   

If you have Customs online but haven't received packages from DHL in the last year, then we'll need you to appoint DHL as your agent. If you are receiving packages from DHL, then providing them with the tracking # will be sufficient. Young Living and DHL send email alerts once the package is shipped and when it will be delivered. 

                      Continuing on the Young Living enrollment 1st page, please ensure you use and save an easy-to-remember password and 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Young Living Live Chat/Leadership will not allow transactions to be done without your PIN # or verifying with 5 questions. Your card will be safely encrypted on file. Millions use this system without complaints for decades. I have never had an issue with my card.

                      I'm here to assist if you experience any difficulty with this ordering process. Please call or Whatsapp me before trying too many times. We want to ensure you get the product(s) you desire, without any frustrations! 
                     Cayman is in a Not For Resale (NFR) zone/region for Young Living and is slated to be on the improved US ordering system in the near future.  

                    Thanks in advance for your order and for your patience with the extra steps required by our Customs Agency.  as we hope to roll out the old and bring in the new system this year!

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance to you!
~ Adonza 

Summer '22 Promo

Summer '22 Promo
Take advantage of our awesome Summer Scentsational Promo now! 
Whatsapp (345) 325-6658 to book your scan and consult so we can help you get started the right way for you!

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance to you!
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