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iTOVi Wellness Scanning
  • Narrowing down the products that will be most beneficial for you. (Takes up to 5 mins.) 
  • Insights into your current wellness status to help your physician/physiotherapist. 
  • Report insights can help you listen to your body better.
  • The iTOVi scanner is the only wellness tool currently interpreting over 270 bio-points across the body.
  • Safely measures Galvanic Skin Respons (GSR). The same technology as lie-detector testing and smartwatch health apps.
  • Safe for anyone, including persons with pace-makers, pregnant women, children, and even infants.

What is an ITOVI Scanner/Tracker? 

The iTOVi is not a Medical Device.  It does not identify, diagnose or indicate how to treat any disease or medical condition.  The device measures Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).  GSR is an established technology that measures fluctuation in the electrical conductivity of the skin.  One familiar application of GSR is lie-detector testing or the smartwatches we use to help with our wellness regime.

I like to understand my client's lifestyle and make custom recommendations that may improve their well-being and overall enjoyment of life.

Whole-Life Wellness Support

Scans are helpful for Emotions & Body Systems. Ready to commit to prioritizing your Whole-Life Wellness? Get an overview here to help narrow down your interests/needs. Let's do this!

Wellness Overview

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